Home automation and electronics - DIY!

After a few electronics basics it goes immediately to the practice and many sensors and actuators are explained in detail on over 600 pages in PDF format, and integrated into the home automation.
For further support, there are YouTube videos on most topics in the book, making you an electronics expert too!
But the BEST thing about this book is that it is constantly being updated and all future versions can be downloaded for FREE.

What do you find in the book?

Electronics basics

What is current and voltage and how does a resistor behave in a circuit? With simple calculations of circuits the handling of electronics is learned. After the first basics, the transistor and also the MOSFET are explained in detail.

Sensors & Actuators

For home automation we use many different sensors to measure temperatures or particles. Each sensor we use is gone through with its function and a practical example. There is even a whole chapter dedicated to lighting with LEDs.

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is the control center for home automation. We will learn how to set up an HA server and how to implement controls with it. The programming language used here is YAML and this is also fully covered in one chapter.


This book will continue to be updated and kept current. All future updates are FREE!

No previous knowledge necessary

This book starts with what is current and voltage and no prior knowledge is needed, but it doesn't stop at semiconductor devices either!

Detailed description & Videos

This book a companion piece to Edi's Techlab YouTube channel and most examples have a link to a video that makes for an even better understanding!


If something goes wrong with a project or you still have questions, please feel free to send me an email with your question or post the question in the Edi's Techlab forum. The motto of Edi's Techlab is: EVERYONE CAN DO IT!!!

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Thomas Edlinger

Writer and CEO

About me

My name is Thomas Edlinger, born in Austria and I have lived in Switzerland since 2004. As an electrical engineering engineer, I work full-time in the semiconductor sector. In June 2019 I decided to start my YouTube channel “Edi’s Techlab”. This channel mainly deals with home automation in the DIY sector. I know from my own experience that the combination of video and written instructions is unbeatable and makes replicating projects much easier. You will also find a corresponding video for most of the projects that you will find here in the book on my YouTube channel. The book covers all topics in much more detail and provides additional background knowledge.

I hope that with this book I can help many newcomers and hobby electronics enthusiasts on their way to home automation and that together as Edi’s Techlab community we can help each other and enrich each other with project ideas, true to the motto: EVERYONE CAN DO IT!!!