The e-book in English

Finally the e-book Homeautomation and Electronic DIY is also available in English.

Have Fun and nice greetings Edi

Overview of the new ESP32's - 2024

On Monday there will be a video giving you an overview of the current ESP32 models. You can download the overview of the models here. Overview of the models as PDF

E-Ink Displays

The next project will be about the function of e-ink displays and how we can control them with our microcontroller.

Here’s a little graphic foretaste of what’s to come.

Kind regards Edi

AquaGrowing - Hydroponik Control system

The first prototype for the control of an indoor hydroponic system is ready. With hydroponics, various plants such as lettuce, herbs and even flowers can be grown by planting them in a nutrient solution instead of soil. The control system ensures the right lighting and various measured values monitor the growth of the plants. Even a new logo has been designed for the new hydroponic series calledAquaGrowing.

I hope to be able to provide you with the finished system and the kit in the first quarter of 2024.

Have fun and best wishes, Edi

AquaGrow Logo

YouTube channel member

Hello dear Edi’s Techlab friends. It is now possible to become a YouTube member and receive exclusive benefits by supporting the channel:

Various components will be raffled off among members, so take part and with a bit of luck you’ll soon have a gift in your letterbox. The prize draw will take place in the respective videos.


Garden Wemos kits

Garden-Wemos PRO:

This board has two outputs, either with 12 or 24 volts. Three soil moisture sensors and one water level sensor can be connected. One analog input is reserved for connecting an LDR and another for a water level sensor.

Irrigation can be started manually using a button and the current data can be read on an optional OLED display. If no display is used, the functionality of the board can be read via a red-green LED.

A slot for I2C sensors is provided where, for example, a BME280 can be plugged in.

GartenWemos PRO 3D
Garden-Wemos BASIC:

An automatic irrigation system with a sensor and a control for a 12 volt water pump or a 12 volt valve. I have created a small electronic circuit board for the project and you can order a kit or just the circuit board from the online store.


Garden-Wemos - Descriptions

Here you can see the garden Wemos in action


We will build lots of cool electronics projects and with the detailed explanation in the video, anyone can build them without any prior knowledge. The prototype of a cocktail machine is already finished.


We will use the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino to control our projects. The ESP8266 and ESP32 will also be used due to their low price.


Home automation is a major topic at Edi's Techlab. All that is needed are a few electronic components that we can buy for little money.


So that we can build up a background knowledge for the individual projects, we will introduce you to the basics of electronics.