Stepper motor driver

L298N Stepper motor driver

The L298N is an integrated stepper motor driver chip that is often used in electronic projects to control stepper motors. The L298N has two H-bridges, which means that it can control two stepper motors or a bipolar motor with two coils. An H-bridge enables the reversal of the current direction through the motor, which is crucial for stepper motor control.

The heart of this driver module is the L298N IC, which can provide 2 amps per phase with a heat sink, which should be sufficient for most of our motors.

Practical example

DRV8825 stepper motor driver

The DRV8825 is a stepper motor driver IC (Integrated Circuit) that was developed to control stepper motors in various applications. It was manufactured by Texas Instruments and is a popular choice for DIY projects.

The driver can deliver high currents to drive even larger stepper motors and it has protective functions such as overcurrent protection, overheating protection and undervoltage blocking to protect the motor and driver from damage.

The DRV8825 enables stepper motors to be operated in microstep mode, which means that it can divide the steps of a stepper motor into smaller steps. This results in finer control and smoother movement of the motor.

Only two signals are required for control, a step signal and a direction signal.

The step resolution can be set by selecting different microstep operating modes via pins MS1-MS3.

Practical example

Click here for the sketches on Github

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